In Christ's Love

Matthew 18:20 says "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." This blog is for all those christians who are yearning for a chance to interact with their brothers and sisters in christ. we are devoted to serving our lord and falling more in love with him every single day.

if you are interested in joining our group, please leave your e-mail address in the ask box. :)

100 Word Testimonies

"My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long— though I know not how to relate them all" Psalms 71:15

Everyone who reads this should all write and submit a ~100 word testimony of your life in Christ. do it by using the ask interface so that you don’t have to sign off and I know Grace will chuck it up here as soon as she sees it :D

Testimonies are powerful things, they are a snapshot of what your life has been, what your life is like, and where you think your life could be going. If you’ve never heard of a testimony before it’s your life’s story, only in this case it’s gunna be really short (close to 100 words) and about your walk with god. 

Your testimony could change someone else’s life, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re dull or too young, wat does matter is that you are unique and god uses everything you give him! Let him use your life’s story and things could happen! Don’t hesitate, pray if you want but write what you believe is a representation of your life, make it short; it doesn’t have to be 100 words but that’s a good size. God will use this!

 I’ll submit my testimony [in teh morning] through the ask system too so that they all go through there. 


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